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How to manage your credit card

EMI Facility
Manage your Credit Card via SMS

Now you can inquire about your Credit Card payments, PlusPoints balance, Card Account balance and available balance anytime, anywhere.

SMS following short codes to 5676782 along with the last four digits of your credit card number:

  For last payment amount & date –
  For PlusPoint balance –
  For credit card outstanding balance –
  For available balance –

The service can be availed with the mobile number registered with Axis Bank.

To know more, call Customer Care at 1800 103 5577/1800 209 5577/1800 233 5577


Keep Track of Mailing Schedules

  • If you do not receive your Axis Bank Credit Card/ Statement on the scheduled date, call the bank immediately.
  • Keep track of your Credit Card expiry date.
  • Incase of non-receipt; please ensure with the Bank that the dispatch is being done to your correct mailing address.

Prevent Misuse

  • As soon as you receive your new Credit Card, sign on the signature panel.
  • Destroy your old Credit Card by cutting it diagonally through the chip and magnetic stripe.
  • Report loss of your Credit Card immediately to the Axis Bank Customer Care Center.
  • Do not handover your Credit Card to anyone other than the merchant when making a payment.

Safe Storage

  • Keep your Credit Card in the same place in your wallet/purse, so that you notice immediately if it is missing. Do not leave it anywhere else.
  • Keep a copy of your Credit Card details and PIN number in a safe place. Do not keep this information in your purse/wallet.
  • Do not write your PIN on your Credit Card.

Safety while Shopping

  • Ensure the merchant processes the transaction(s) in your presence.
  • Ensure he/she does NOT note down your Credit Card number, CVV number or swipe your Credit Card twice, or swipe your credit card on any other device other than a cash register/card processing terminal. Do not sign an incomplete charge slip.
  • Collect your Credit Card immediately after the transaction is complete.
  • Verify that the Credit Card is yours, once it is returned to you.

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